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Lets’ Increase The ROI On Your Ad Spend


There are more channels than ever before. There are more strategies to test and there’s more sophisticated technology available to manage it all. You need to find the optimal combination for your business but you still need to address the basics in order to increase your ROI.

Your ROI might not just mean financial return. It may be equally important to look at improvements to website bounce rates, time spent on site, social follows, email signups, etc.

What can you do to improve the effectiveness of your online ads campaigns?


Target the right audience

Ads can only be as good as the audience they are targeting. Developing precise audience segments to target is a critical component of delivering effective advertising. Start by asking what you are trying to achieve and what you want to promote then develop target audience groups that are likely to have a high intent to engage with ads containing that specific content. Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach.


Review impressions as well as clicks

If people see your brand many times (without clicking on it or purchasing anything) they will eventually think of it as a recognizable brand. Therefore, when the day arrives where need the product or service that you are selling they will be more likely to click on your ad. In this scenario, your cost per click in early stages will be low and your cost per click in the late stage (after being recognized as a brand) will be higher – even though it’s the same ad. Impressions contribute to building a brand in addition to leading to clicks.

Impressions matter! If people see an ad but don’t click on it, they will still learn something about you that will influence their likelihood of interacting with your brand later. So, the question is – what will you communicate to these people?


Ads need to be congruent with onsite experience

Most brands find it challenging to truly link an ad click with a site visit and it results in high bounce rates.

It’s unrealistic for brands to create 100s of landing pages for every keyword focused ad but the customer needs enough personalization to feel that you are offering what they need rather than something generic. It is usually possible to achieve a balance by including features (like chatbots) or questions that allow the user to refine the content that is presented to them.


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