Case Study: Tedx Talk

Take a look at how we helped Adam Radly get more than 1 million views on his Tedx Talk about passion.

We knew that Adam’s Tedx Talk about passion would appeal to his existing followers. However, we had some challenges. Most of Adam’s followers are on Facebook (more than 400,000 followers) and audience reach on Facebook is very low. Further, the Tedx Talk is on the YouTube channel controlled by TED and Facebook doesn’t like promoting YouTube. So, what did we do? We decided to use a multi pronged strategy that involved:

1. Using a small amount of Facebook ads to reach Adam’s followers. Yes, you have to advertise to reach your own followers on Facebook.

2. We promoted the Tedx Talk on Adam’s other social profiles (even though they were much smaller than his facebook presence)

 3. We used the Tedx Talk as an opportunity to cross promote the social networks to each other so that people could follow Adam on the social network of their choice.

The result? More than 1 million views! 

If you want to watch the Tedx Talk, we have included it below.

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