Case Study: Film Festival

Take a look at how we promoted a new film festival.

Promoting “IIFF”


When we help you launch a new business, product or service the first question we want to ask is – what is the product, who is the target market and why is it better than its competitors? For the “I Imagine” film festival (“IIFF”) and answer was:

What is it? It’s a film festival that will be held in New York City at the same time that the United Nations assembly.

How is it different? The festival is focused on promoting films by filmmakers that make films that are intended to have a positive impact.  

Who is the target market? People that are interested watching films that can give them  insight into important social issues and how to try to solve them. 

IIFF needed to promote the festival event in order to get people to physically attend the festival  in New York City. So, what was our strategy? This situation is perfect for Facebook Ads. We were able to use the Facebook audience targeting features to create multiple target audiences that may be interested in IIFF then we were able to cut the losers and scale up the winners as we discovered which audiences responded well and which audiences didn’t.    

The result? Local New Yorkers that were interested in the films at IIFF came along, bought tickets and the festival was a success!

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