Brand Development

Some people think a brand is a logo…

They’re idiots!


Brand Development Strategy

Consider your overall business strategy

Your brand will be developed in order to contribute to the overall goal of your business. So, what is it?

Identify your target clients

Who are your target clients? The narrower the focus, the easier it is to develop a brand that “really appeals” to them. The broader it is, the more difficult it will be. Do you want this process to be easy or difficult? Remember, you can always expand from narrow to broad later.

Research your target client

Research helps you understand your target client’s perspective and priorities. This allows you to anticipate their needs and communicate your value proposition with language that resonates with them.

Develop your brand positioning

How is your product/service different from others? A positioning statement captures the essence of your brand positioning. Try to be a bit aspirational but make sure you can deliver on your promise.

Develop your messaging

Your core brand positioning must be the same for everyone but each “sub audience”  category will be more or less interested in different aspects of it. The messages to each audience category will address specific issues for that audience.

Develop your name, logo, and tagline

Your name, logo and tagline should enable your target audience to instantly know that they are “in the right place”. They should have a look, feel and personality that is familiar and aspirational.

Develop your content marketing strategy

Your brand strength is influenced by both reputation and visibility. Increasing visibility alone (without improving your reputation) is not likely to work. , is rarely successful. Content development and marketing provides the ability to increase both visibility and reputation concurrently. It’s also the perfect way to make your brand relevant to your target audience.

Optimize your website

Your website is the place where all your audiences go to learn about what you do, how you do it and who your clients are. Prospective clients will consider other factors in addition to your website but they want to know what you have to say about yourself. This is your main opportunity to pitch yourself where you control the entire environment, so make the most of it.


Satisfied Customers

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Sara Blankenship

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be comfortable working with us so we have tried to answer all of the most common questions below. If there is a question that we have not answered, feel free to contact us by using the form at the end of this page.

What specific services do you offer?

We will develop custom social media strategies for your specific band and circumstances. Tactics will will include creating and posting original content, posting curated content, engaging with current and potential followers with your brand voice. 

We understand that success in the fashion industry can be linked to the latest trends so we improve your chances of success by identifying and monitoring the latest trends that specifically impact your brand then develop strategies to take advantage of these trends.   

What do your services cost?

Pricing for our social media management packages is located here. You can also request any custom services by contacting us using the form at the end of this page. We offer extensive organic social media management services in addition to managing paid ad campaigns. We will be happy to adjust one of our existing social media packages to fit your needs or create a new custom package that includes a combination of organic and paid services. 

What kind of results can I expect?

We cannot guarantee specific results, however, our objective is to execute a plan that results in increased engagement, increased brand awareness, increased brand affinity, increased sales and a better ROI on marketing spend. In summary, we aim to provide quality deliverables that exceed the value of your investment.

We have an extensive knowledge of social media and have used it to help multiple brands succeed.

How do you work with clients?

We believe in vigilant communication, smooth project execution and efficient workflows. We know that proactive and engaged communication generates the best results and the best relationship with our clients.

We always offer a one on one, attentive service and do everything we can to understand the unique qualities of your brand and your requirements. 

Which social platforms do you use?

We specialize in Instagram but we also offer social media management services for Pinterest, Facebook andTwitter. We specialize in Instagram because we believe it is the best platform for showcasing fashion brands. 

How do you know who to target?

We will develop a persona of the ideal potential customer by reviewing the behavior and traits of followers and potential followers in order to identify people that will be most likely to engage with the brand and purchase products.  

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